A professional entity is only as good as the supporting pillars of its organizational structure, i.e., its corporate leadership.

The following are senior members of the core group:

Prof. Rafael B. Boritzer, M.B.A., Ph.D., Ed.D., Chairman
Dr. Rafael is a university professor in the field of community health, with a focus on the prevention of obesity resultant behaviors, measurement of longevity, and the management of chronic illness. He has lectured and worked in the U.S.A., Africa, Asia, and Mediterranean regions. He is a graduate of Columbia University.

Ms. Milena Karpara, M.A., President
Ms. Kapara comes from a background of commodities management and specialty marketing. She is a university lecturer in Micro Economics at the University of Hawaii and the City University of New York. Milena has been the CEO of BioInfoMedical L.L.C. since 2008.

Prof. Richard Alsopp, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor Prof. Alsopp, is an expert in the molecular mechanisms underlying the ageing process. Professor Alsopp’s research is at the University of Hawaii Medical School.