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Only Together

With New Thinking

Can we solve today's problems

what we do?
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"We can't solve our problems

by using the same kind of thinking

we used when we created them" - Albert Einstein

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What Can be done

is what MUST be done!

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Inflammatory Disease Research

Dementia Treatments

Behavioral Induced Illnesses...more

our goals:
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BioInfomedical Ltd.

P.O.Box 88355 Honolulu Hawaii, 96830

Tel: +1 410 885 4190 Info@Bioinfomedical.com

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Welcome to Bioinfomedical.com

BioInfoMedical was established in 1989 by a team of experienced medical specialists, world-known scientists and marketing professionals. The company has two operating divisions:

BioInfoMedical provides products and services used in gene, protein and cell research, drug discovery and development, as well as in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

BioInfoMedical Consulting and Education encourages, participates, and supports established and accredited, biotechnology and biological sciences education (Certificate, Masters, and Ph.D.).

Our hybrid formats integrate short campus residency at first rate “bricks and mortar” campuses in the United States, on-line synchronous and asynchronous instruction, and the use of strategically located research labs in the U.S.A., Europe, and Asia. 

We are proud to serve our customers around the globe. Our clients are: academic research and teaching institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, medical research centers, hospitals, reference laboratories, agricultural and chemical companies, as well as leading private and governmental business organizations.